Broken Hill Mines – the Story – Chapter 7: The Minerals

We now come to the last chapter of this story, the minerals. Over 300 species have been identified from the Broken Hill lode – as set out in the Minerals of Broken Hill. I am going to mention only 36 of them in this chapter, 21 type minerals and 15 others. According to the Mindat website, 21 type minerals have been identified for Broken Hill as follows:

  • aldridgeite 
  • bernalite 
  • birchite 
  • costibite 
  • edwardsite 
  • hoganite 
  • kintoreite  
  • kolitschite
  • liversidgeite 
  • marshite 
  • mawbyite 
  • miersite
  • nyholmite 
  • paceite 
  • paradocrasite 
  • plimerite
  • raspite 
  • segnitite 
  • vanderheydenite 
  • willyamite
  • yancowinnaite

Another mineral, brokenhillite, was submitted as a type mineral but not approved by the International Mineralogical Association and so we do not as yet have an acknowledged mineral with this name. However, that situation is quite likely to change as research into the minerals of Broken Hill continues by geologists, professional and amateur mineralogists and collectors, particularly of the micromineral kind.

Finally, here is a list of my 15 best minerals of Broken Hill.

  • azurite
  • calcite
  • cerussite (reticulated)
  • bustamite
  • rhodonite
  • pyromorphite (both yellow and brown)
  • silver
  • chlorargyrite
  • linarite
  • pyrosmalite
  • inesite
  • pyrite
  • olivenite
  • and the best of all – smithsonite on coronadite
Smithsonite, Kintore open cut, Broken Hill, New South Wales. Photo width 18mm. Steve Sorrell photo.